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Do you want to make a change and move forward but feel stuck? Have you ever wondered what counseling might do for you?

Counseling can help you find ways to address what is overwhelming you in life. Whether it be a relationship that isn't working out as you hoped, a job that is frustrating or boring, or some "difficult feelings" that you don't know how to manage, there are ways to deal with stress and find ways to cope. With more that 25 years of experience in private practice, I can help you improve the quality of your life and find more peace. I have worked with individuals, couples and families to resolve such difficult and challenging issues such as a divorce, the loss of someone special, the stress of a hectic life and the disconnection that is becoming so common today.

Do you wish you had deeper and more meaningful relationships? Are you fighting with your partner more than enjoying the relationship?

Sometimes it can feel as if the "other person" in your life isn't interested in listening to your frustrations. Or sometimes you don't know how to make the changes in yourself that would help. Often, it can help to find a more objective view to help one (or both) of you find more successful ways to talk through the difficult issues in your relationship.

Have you lost someone close to you and find it hard to get through the day? Does the weight of grief feel like it will never end?
If you have experienced the loss of someone close to you, you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck in the grief process. You may even feel as if the your life has stopped while the world continues and that life will never be ok again.
Counseling can be very helpful in finding your way through the pain of grief to a life that is worth living. Sometimes, having an experienced guide can be important. Over 25 years ago, after the death of my 6 year old daughter, I began my own journey with profound loss. As a result of this, I went back to school to get a degree in counseling and started a counseling practice with a focus on helping people who have experienced loss, grief, and grief complicated by trauma. Through the years, I have accompanied many people (children and adults) who experienced such difficult losses.

Call or email me today to discuss how grief counseling might be helpful for you.

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